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Business support is an integral part of our organisation providing high quality operational support to our clients. Roles vary from administration assistants through to senior assistants, offering a range of high level support covering various activities such as diary management and assessment co-ordination, client liaison, the financial cycle, research and the production of presentations and proposals with the overall objective of supporting our clients in their development of new business and project delivery.
All roles require strong organisational and communication skills giving individuals not only the opportunity to become involved in a number of projects but enabling them to develop key personal skills. These are good entry level roles into FMC Group with opportunities to move into other areas of the business if you want to.


We are able to assist clients in reviewing the provision of support services. Specifically, we can provide support with:

The creation of business cases and recommendations on whether to outsource all or some of the services
Identifying and utilising best practice activities
The review of policies and processes that drive working practices and resource expenditure;
The organisational structure and management of support service functions
The design and implementation of new ways of working that are aligned to the organisation's strategic objectives and
Cultural change that puts internal and external customers at the heart of support services' provision.

Our Business Support Services Include, but not limited to:


Accounts Payable &


Cash Management

Fixed Assets




Risk Management

Workers' Compensation



Although most organisation's fiscal year does not begin until January 1, planning for each year’s budget starts early in the calendar year. After applying the state’s current public education funding formulas, the Business Office develops a budget and determines how the available funding will be used to support the district’s mission.The Board of Trustees approves a budget and tax rate each year.

Why We’re Different?

  • Social Impact

    From its beginnings, FMC has worked to make a positive social impact through our client engagements and pro bono projects. Our promise to our clients, our people, and our communities is to create lasting benefits for the societies in which we live. We believe education is the path to a better society.


    In focusing on some of the world’s most critical challenges, we and our partners seek to make a positive social impact in three primary areas—FMC's 3Es: Economic Development, Energy and Sustainability, and Education and Workforce. Below are examples of how we have helped our partners create tangible, long-lasting results.

  • 01

    Economic Development

    We work to expand economic opportunities for people around the world.Although the gap between the richest and poorest countries is closing in many areas and progress is promising, our world still faces a range of critical challenges unique to our times. Inclusive economic growth is crucial. Through our work with private-sector corporations, government bodies, and non-governmental organizations, we aim to improve livelihoods for those living at "the base of the pyramid," create economic opportunities for more people, and expand access to critical resources such as food, water, and technology. Our work has shown us how public-private partnerships can help solve some of the most complex community issues

  • 02


    We help companies, non-profits, and governments organisation reap the rewards of becoming truly sustainable. Our sustainability work goes to the heart of our pledge to provide immediate impact and growing advantage for our clients and the communities in which we work. We assist in bringing down energy costs and carbon emissions in the short term while also using tools such as scenario planning to map out a path forward toward sustainability. We also work on disaster relief and reconstruction. With a sustainability mindset, businesses can win loyal customers, engage employees, and gain competitive advantage—while also improving lives and protecting our planet. In the past few years, we have worked on more than 50 projects with a wide variety of public- and private-sector clients to help them advance their sustainability agendas.

  • 03

    Education and workforce

    Today's men are tomorrow's business leaders. Our Education and Workforce team work to bridge the gap between the business and education.We believe education is the path to a better society.


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